The nursery consists of three main rooms which link together to allow your child the freedom to move throughout the nursery, making their own choices of activities and interests.

The Nursery Room's

The Nursery Room's are two adjoining rooms which allow your child to explore their own likes and interests within nursery.

The first nursery room is a large, open space, full of exciting equipment for children of all ages to explore and engage in play.

The book and song areas are where children can go for some quiet time or rest.  Here they can access a colourful variety of books and puppets that allow individual imaginations to thrive.  During song time children are encouraged to take part in action songs and choose songs for the group to sing, helping to build the child's confidence and self-esteem.

The sensory and music areas offer the children the opportunity to explore the colourful lights, as well as a variety of sounds and a wide range of objects varying in texture.

The home corner allows the children to use their imagination and re-enact familiar scenes within their nursery and family life.  There is also a dressing up area with a variety of clothing which allows the children to become different people using their imagination.

The construction and small world ares are full of exciting equipments, such as duplo, wooden bricks, tracks and trains, large and small cars, farm animals and wildlife, tools garages and play people.  These allow the children to play imaginatively, whilst developing their hand-eye coordination and manipulative skills, all while having lots of fun exploring and playing with the equipment available.

We believe that this room allows all children to have fun in a home from home environment, which allows the children to thrive.

The second nursery room is a fun, creative rooms that lets the children express their inner creativity, either by painting, drawing, sand, water, sticking or playing with malleable resources such as play-dough, clay and cornflour.

The jigsaws allow the children to build on conversation while talking about the jigsaws that they are completing.  This area is also excellent for children to gain control of manipulative movement and hand-eye coordination.  The children are able to choose freely from the wide variety of puzzles available.

Our ICT equipment allows the children to use their imaginations, as there is a variety of equipment, such as telephones and keyboards, calculators and remotes.  This area allows the children to role play and helps them to gain an understanding of how to play with others as well as turn taking.