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The Outside Areas

The outside provisions are fun and adventurous, while providing safety and security in all areas.

The nursery has an open door to outside areas policy, which is in action all year round. This provides opportunities for activities such as picnics, water play, watching lambing and sledging.

The outside areas provide undercover sand, which the children are able to climb into to recreate a seaside experience and mega blocks to create models on a larger scale. A separate construction area contains crates, pipes, pebbles and other natural materials for the children to access.

The children have unlimited grass space, which is used in numerous ways. Some of these areas contain equipment, such as a balancing beam, a swing bridge, a small climbing frame and picnic benches which provide the opportunity to have meals and snacks outside. There is a large climbing frame on a soft pour surface with a road around for ride on toys.

There is also a vegetable garden with raised vegetable patches, so wheelchair users can access them and a polytunnel which provides the opportunity to plant seeds and watch them grow in different conditions. The vegetable garden then leads to a sensory area, which is surrounded by long grass with several routes leading to different sights, sounds, smells and textures.

The animals can be spotted and visited so the children can (with supervision) help to care for them, whether this be the farm animals in the barn, the fields or the smaller animals in the petting corner.  This helps the children to learn about food sources and chains.

The children can also learn about farm life and are able to watch the tractor cleaning the barn and bringing the hay up from the fields for hay bailing.

All outsides areas and resources cater for every individual child in order to develop their interests, likes, dislikes, needs and abilities, whether this be helping to paint the fences, playing in the mud or looking after the animals.

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