Play & Learning Areas

  • Bents Farm has 4 main areas specifically designed to encourage and promote the development of each individual child.

    Child progress through the rooms when a child’s readiness has been identified, the child, parents/carers and key workers are all involved in the decisions. This allows each child to develop at their own pace giving them confidence to undertake new experiences when they feel able and ready to take part.

  • The Baby Room

    The homely environment our baby room offers, encourages the very young to feel safe, secure and ready to leave their main carer to explore. With security established the 3 prime areas of learning naturally evolve allowing characteristics of Effective Learning Development.

    Our baby room is divided to accommodate a variety of exciting learning opportunities including sensory play, small world, construction, sand/water/messy play and incorporates cosy areas for those quieter moments and rest breaks.

    With walking, talking and socialising beginning to develop your babies may be ready to take that transition to the adjoining nursery room. 







  • The Nursery Room

    The action packed environment our nursery room offers, encourages toddling children to explore to their limits. With adventure in mind children are encouraged to challenge their physical abilities in a large open plan space. The children are actively involved in music and movement and the process of acting out stories as their imagination is developing.

    The nursery room is equipped with resources that stretch the abilities to play and including a large floor sand pit, water world and a variety of material for messy play. The room is also equipped with a home corner, dressing up items, small world, construction and sensory areas.

    Childrens interests are followed to further develop activities, resources are added or changed to develop sustained shared thinking and extend children’s learning.

    As the 3 prime areas further develop and the 4 specific areas begin to emerge children’s learning is evident and their need for knowledge increases. With this in mind transition to the pre-school room needs to be considered.

  • The Pre-school Room

    The exciting fun packed learning environment the pr-school offers, encourages our little learners to confidently ask all the never-ending questions that need to be answered. Following their ever changing interests resources are adapted by children to promote their independence.

    The room has a phonics area, small world, construction, role play, puzzles and games. malleable area, home corner, literacy area, art and craft, i.c.t. and show and tell area giving the children a wide variety of stimulation.

    Children take part in cooking, dance and sport classes progressing their development towards their early learning goals. Many of the activities are child led to feed their imagination and their need to learn preparing them for their next step into school.







  • Outside

    All children have fun accessing the extensive outdoor areas all year round experiencing seasons and nature at first hand. Children’s knowledge and understanding of the world is developed naturally as they observe the processes of agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry on the working farm.

    The outside provides both hard and soft play surfaces and undercover areas. These areas are equipped with floor and sand pit, transport tracks, magnetic story area, large scale construction, climbing frames, slides, ride on train, rowing boat, sports field, mud kitchen, bug hotel, greenhouse, wild flower garden, sensory garden, bird hide, herb garden and 48 acres of grass land.

    The children visit the animals and pets and gather knowledge of how to care for hens, ducks, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits and horses and begin to understand food chains and food origins.